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The best investing advice is boring...ditto with personal finance. The fun part is seeing what boring, no-BS advice can actually do for your life! We like to focus on the fun part.

We share inspirational stories & actionable insights from people who have found a way to make money work for them, so you can do the same.

As our side gig, we also gather objective data on the latest financial products so you can choose the products that work best for you. Hopefully you'll learn something useful along the way.

Will Money Work For You, Or Against You?

Most people don't like thinking about money.

In polite conversation, wanting to get rich is greedy, retirement accounts are for boring ol' foggies, the stock market is gambling, and the word "investment" often conjures the word "risky", or even "scam".

Yet whatever your views on money, money doesn't care.

Whether you're paying down debt or racking up credit card bills, whether you're saving money or spending every dime, whether you're starting a business or slogging through your 9-5, whether you're studying to enter a profession or starting your first job, whether you're penniless or independently wealthy - money will either work for you, or it'll work against you.

There's no avoiding it. Even if you choose not to think about it, your actions (or inactions) will determine the direction of your finances.

The Zen Of Making Money Work For You

If you want money to work for you, instead of having to work for your money, there are only 3 things you need to do:

  • Spend less
  • Earn more
  • Invest the difference

Investing is key to making it all work. Once money works for you instead of against you, you have the freedom to do whatever you choose.

We share the stories & insights of those who have figured out how to make money work for them, so you can do the same.

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